Mindful Dinner Parties


What the heck is a Mindful Dinner Party?

Think an evening under the stars with a rad group of humans, delicious, wholesome food (cooked by yours truly), guided mediations, journaling activities, and meaningful conversations. The goal: to get out of your head and back into your body. Connect, laugh, play.

Your Mindful Dinner Party

You choose the guests and the location. I’ll do the rest. This option is for those who are ready to dive in deep with their closest group of friends. I come to your home to cook and facilitate the Mindful Dinner Party experience with you and your chosen guests. Interested? Head on over to the contact page or send me an email at amygartenberg@gmail.com.

Community Mindful Dinner Parties

Keep your eyes peeled for the next community Mindful Dinner Party in Los Angeles soon!