Nourished in January (2018)!

Hi friends! Happy February! We officially made it through the most diet-proganda heavy month of the year. How was it for you? Did you feel triggered by all of the diet promoting magazine covers? Know that you are not alone. And I hope that you find refuge here, and are reminded that you are beautiful, fierce, and AMAZING exactly as you are in this moment.

Here’s what nourished me through January…

    1. Running + Friendship. One of my close friends moved to LA earlier this year. This month, we’ve been enjoying beach runs together, chatting, and watching the sun set. This practice has been so nourishing to me, as my love for running was re-sparked and I’m reminded how cozy being with an old friend is.
    2. MUSIC! Ok, my older sister had the brilliant idea of combing my monthly faves from Our Nourished Table into a Spotify playlist. So, I went back and compiled all of the songs that I’ve recommended in my monthly posts. I warn you, it’s an extremely eclectic mix. So listen with caution. This month I added this song, this one, and this one. And maybe a few others too :). The playlist is at the bottom of the post and I’ll continue to update it!
    3. This book. Β I’ve been a super slow reader recently, but really enjoyed this book. I’m a sucker for memoirs and memoir~esque fiction.
    4. Trashy TV. My work load has been pretty intense these past few months and I’ve found myself coming home and needing to turn my brain off for a bit. So, I’m officially hooked on The Bachelor and America’s Next Top Model. Not mad about it.
    5. I, Tonya. Have you seen it? It is such a powerful story and one that needs to be told.

What nourished you this month? Leave a comment with any recs and let us know!


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