Nourished in November/early December

Happy holidays, friends!!

I know, I know. November seems like it was ages ago, right? Thanksgiving seems like old news, and the December holidays + New Year’s are officially upon us. A few weeks ago I was knee-deep in school work, with my semester coming to a close. And somehow,
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December 1st, 2nd, and 3rd came and went without a blog post. Now things are a little calmer. And I happen to be a big believer that late is better than never. So here goes. Here’s what’s nourished me in November and early December…

  1. THANKSGIVING! This is my family’s favorite holiday. We have our own version of the Olympics throughout Thanksgiving week (think dizzy bat, relay races, and bowling). My parent’s and sister’s houses become crowded as all of us out-of-towners pile in. I got to hug up my niece, run a Turkey Trot, and watch Friends with cousins. Yes, yes, this will do.
  2. This ad from P&G for the Olympics. I cry…every single time.
  3. Music, music, music! Like this song, and this one, and this gem, also this one (by the same guy), and lastly this fave. Enjoy!
  4. SMILF. Have you seen it? This show is gritty and raw. It’s also such a great exploration of femininity andย mental health. Plus, the acting is incredible. Highly recommend.
  5. Dunkin’ Donuts coffee. This was a college fave. And is quickly becoming a grad school fave.
  6. Need to do any holiday shopping? I am currently loving this line of handmade, natrual bath productsย and if I had a fire place, I would be all over this.

What’s been nourishing you this month! Leave a comment and let us know!



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